Bringing Peace and Prosperity

DKK 1,600.00

The object of this program :

To develop and strengthen your relationship with the complexity of self, with the many aspects of self, the many components of self, the many voices of self, so that it becomes a beautiful partnership, when you have complete unconditional, full and complete acceptance of self, conscious of your distortion but also remembering well your innate perfection, that you are pure light - pure consciousness in the core.

When there,  you can access your heart, THIS SPACE OF MAGIC – this silence, stillness and spaciousness within yourself, where you can access ideas and information, with greater clarity for  decision making followed by focused actions, leading to  total freedom to co-create the Life of Your Dreams

How to energetically move from fear to health, financial well-being, inner peace & harmony

DKK 145.00

How to Lead and Heal from within and become Best Freinds with Your Soul

DKK 300.00

Get Fit While You Sit. An Amazing Simple Work Out to sustain your energy

DKK 15.00
DKK 329.00

Objective: To start you crypto journey.  The class is not about convincing you to to begin the journey. This class is about the HOW to navigate in this journey.  Therefore a commitment is required.