Becoming A Superlover of All of Life - Part 1 -Me & me


This manual is the result of INTEGRATION* of the three experiences from 3 big journeys I made in 2018, which were initiated by the Ayahuasca/Natem trip I made in September 2016, where I first let go of a scream so loud, that I trembled and then immediately I was given a psychedelic image of the Universe as a beautiful geodesic dome almost infinite in size, of extreme beauty and magical colours,

  1. Jerusalem/Bethlehem/Tel Aviv – arrived in Bethlehem 23rd December 201 and left Tel Aviv 3rd January 2018
  2. Egypt – Aswan – Luxor – Cairo with Pamela Kribbe 11th April – 24th April 2018
  3. Iceland – Reykjavik – The Journey of The Womb – 23rd July to 30th July 2018

INTEGRATION – I travelled to understand inner aggression and the Palestine Conflict. Today it is fully integrated in me that THE CONFLICT is in man. Unless it is resolved there, it cannot be resolved anywhere. The politics is within you, it is between the two parts of the mind – the Dualities.


Becoming A Superlover of All of Life, Me & me,  consists of : (1) The Happiness BluePrint 2019-2020 (2) Work Book for 7 days (3) 15 Appendixes and (4)10 Alpha-Mind Meditations.

By following the exercises and meditations, you will be able to complete YOUR HAPPINESS BLUEPRINT 2019-2019.


My qualifications & why should you listen to me!!

SRT Mind & Energy Coach 2019, Reiki and Schiem Master Teacher of the Dr. Mikao Usui lineage 2018. Law of Attraction Coach from QSCA, USA 2013,Trained Acupressurist, The Department of Traditional Medicine, Hanoi Medical College, Vietnam. Ayuverdic Yoga Masage trained by Sidhamo Micheal Johnson. Certified Healer trained by Charlotte Pedersen of the Bob Moore lineage. Businesswoman – Owner Director of Kiki Design AS (closed in 2003). Bachelor of Business Studies, London (1967).




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