Bringing Peace and Prosperity

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The object of this program :

To develop and strengthen your relationship with the complexity of self, with the many aspects of self, the many components of self, the many voices of self, so that it becomes a beautiful partnership, when you have complete unconditional, full and complete acceptance of self, conscious of your distortion but also remembering well your innate perfection, that you are pure light - pure consciousness in the core.

When there,  you can access your heart, THIS SPACE OF MAGIC – this silence, stillness and spaciousness within yourself, where you can access ideas and information, with greater clarity for  decision making followed by focused actions, leading to  total freedom to co-create the Life of Your Dreams


Re-learning Receiving

This is a short 30-minute SRT - Subconscious Release Technique - a ground-breaking technique using the breath, to help clear the Path to True Energetic Freedom and Abundance. In this release we are clearing core money programs that we have in the subconscious that limits us to receiving true abundance. True abundance is only possible when we have Wealth Mind Sets

  • There is a global calling to be kind - to serve in this time of crisis. However, the first rule of kindness is be kind to yourself. This is not the time to go into guilt and shame, when you think you do not live up to this calling.
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I am going to take you through an exercise to help you move from fear to empowerment and harmony in this time of the corona Virus using the Reiki Virus Symbol and The Umbrella Statement of the Subconscious Release Technique, "I release all positive and negative emotional blocks with Corono Virus. You just have to follow the vibrations of my voice. After release, you will then impress your subconscious with Fillers, commonly know as affirmations. 


How to Move from Confusion and Anxiety to Acceptance and Inner Peace in This Pandemic is a series of  2 guiding audios: consisting of:

  • 🎁Part 1: Audio#1 30 minutes on how to use the Reiki Virus Symbol   and the Umbrella SRT statement and to how to energetically rise above the fear caused by the Corona Virus. 
    •    Audio#1A Shortened with only the Umbrella clearing, no introduction - to be used as and when you feel the need 


  • 🍕Audio#2 💜💛 Audio #2  I believe that we have forgotten what the Universe would like us to have because we don't believe we deserve and are worthy of these gifts. This meditation will help us strengthen our receiving muscles.


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How to energetically move from fear to health, financial well-being, inner peace & harmony

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How to Lead and Heal from within and become Best Freinds with Your Soul

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