The First Rule of Kindness - Be Kind to Yourself

The Lian Way  -  How to be a Whole Human Being and Becoming a Superlover of All of Life.  

This program consists of 5 meditations. No written assignments

It starts off 3 with  meditations on  with the 7 foundations stones of being human, which are

  1. I can make mistakes. I am a human being, I can make mistakes
  2. I can forgive and I am forgivable
  3. Sometimes I am prepared and sometimes I am not and this is will be that way throughout my life. And it is okay
  4. My needs, my wants, my preferences and my desire matter and they have value. They are not the only thing that is valuable, but they have value.
  5. I can motivate myself to grow. I know I have the basic substance and stuff to build character, to establish ideals and principles
  6. I can reach for my spirituality
  7. I have a piece of god/goddess/All there is/Infinite Wisdom within me. I am not separated from my spirituality 

Then I will bring you through two meditations on receiving.

By the end of all 5 meditations I trust it will bring you answers on:

  1. What does being human also means?
  2. And what we want to see more of?

We want to see a world of compassionate people, people who have a refined understanding of each other because they have experienced all extremes of their humanity and are at peace with that.

What does humanity mean? It means:

  • The highs and lows of emotions
  • The mixture of pain and joy
  • Vitality
  • Change
  • Seeking
  • Growth
  • And starting over
  • Seeing similarities between yourself and other people, even if at first glance they look very different.
  • You begin to look for what you have in common with one another, and you start using these similarities as a basis of communication.

Being human is a rich and complicated reality. Many aspects of reality come together in the human being, you are part animal, plant and mineral, partly a cosmic being with a long galactic history. Human beings are dark and light, the lost ones and the saviours, the cause of suffering and destruction, and at the same time messengers of hope, love and creative power. In the human being, many powers converge with the purpose of reconnecting and co-operating. The consciousness of man holds the possibility to connect widely diverging realms of being and reinstate the notion of underlying unity. Because of the possibility of realizing this beautiful ideal, humanity is granted the opportunity to make grave mistakes.




Yay! At last I know the rules of The Game of Life.3